Hot GreenPVC Inflatable Water Walking Zorb Pool Ball Water Walkz For Amusement


Product Description

Water Walkz can also be called water walking ball, water ball, water balls or water entertainment in the park for rent. It’s operation is simple, environmentally-friendly, fashion, is Park square anime water in a beautiful landscape in the world. It’s Very excited the curiosity of young people and children. People who inside the ball felt  excitement and fun in no other water recreation projects.
(A) The Introduction Of  Materials
The cover is generally divided into three types of material: TPU, mixes, PVC. Both TPUmaterial into polyester and polyether. TPU film imports, nontoxic, colorless, odorless,and satisfy the absolute standard of eco-friendly materials. Thickness of 0.7 MM, water resistance, bear the yellow, tension and elasticity is several times than similar products, zippers are sealed waterproof zips on the balloon, TIZIP zipper on the market,3F TPU brass tooth zipper of the chemical, rubber and PVC brass tooth zipper zippers,zipper high pressure water and air leakage, sealing very well, mainly for military products.
Materials performance and ensuring product safety, make bold safely enjoy water walking ball of infinite charm.
(B)Water Walkz park or water entertainment rentals, its operation is simple,environmentally-friendly, fashion. Rent a water site, man went in and began to fan inflation, after (hitting balloons with a hand hard) into play.
(C) Water Walkz 2 meters in diameter, total volume of more than 3 cubic metres,safe load of 150 kg. According to the scientific adults 15 cubic metres of air every day.and water walking ball air capacity of more than 3 cubic metres, therefore, can havesufficient security for recreation are close to the surface, enjoy sports at the same time don’t feel like fun. A modern high-tech technical support, visitors can venture to experience the pleasures of modern recreational feel the charm of walking on water.
(D) the TPU treatment agent that comes with adhesive products, special glue and other ingredients, such as broken cover, first clean the damaged surface to cut pieces off abric the same size, smeared TPU treatment agent, wait 15 minutes and then greased with special glue and press.
Features of Water Walkz
1.At least Double& Triple Stitched, Reinforced Seams.
2.Strength ~ Durability ~ Longevity.
3.Built to withstand commercial use like rentals.
4.One of the longest, extensive & comprehensive warranties in the industry.
5.Easy set up and deflate.
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